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With over 25 year’s experience in Personal Development, Core Self Work, Consciousness Expansion and Managing Change, consults with Janelle will give you instant insights, bigger picture perspectives together with daily strategies and tools to move you quickly forward.

“Working with Janelle completely jumpstarted my life and my business back into POWERFUL action by giving me a crystal clear vision and pathway! It gave me a renewed vigor and passion for everything that I know is important in my life.” Aprille Trupiano, International Business Coach

“What I most appreciate about Janelle’s approach is that it is very holistic. She doesn’t look just at the issue itself, she looks at the whole person, what life experiences and outside influences have formed that person, and from that provides perspective on perhaps why certain events have led to certain reactions and emotions. This in itself is very healing because once you see a reason “why” – it just all makes sense and you stop feeling so lost.” Megan Cooper

“Janelle shared insight to help me understand and remove past patterning around personal power and relationships. She helped me connect even more deeply with my intuition. Better yet, she offered deep insight into very specific areas of my life. This information is invaluable and has helped me avoid repeating mistakes and patterns. When you are feeling stuck, I recommend working with Janelle to gain new insight and perspective to move forward.“ Lisa Manyon, “The Business Marketing Architect”

“Janelle gives me space to find my own voice. She has helped me identify what my triggers are and then the strategies to deal with these. She is a good listener, very focused and perceptive with sound instincts and judgement that can only come through experience, you can’t just learn this stuff.” Janet Heywood

“My business ‘is me’ so it’s critical I see the woods for the trees. Janelle made a tangible difference to the way I think about myself and the situations I’m in – business-wise, it’s invaluable. I get incredible clarity and the benefits are long lasting and brilliant.” Paul A.

“Thank you for the sessions! I had so many light bulb moments where you helped me see what had been going on with my partner and my family. I’m now feeling more confident and less overwhelmed by it all. I’m much better at dealing with this stuff and there is far less drama.” Lyn Jenkins

Working with Janelle, and getting her feedback helped me gain more clarity on where to place my focus and put into words why I act the way I do. It reminded me of my strengths and ways to deal with my challenges and what I need to guard against doing. It gave me new inspiration and clarity around my life purpose. I highly recommend Janelle and her Life Purpose Blueprint.” Anne Berit Olsvik, Personal Branding Consultant & Image Stylist

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How To Live With Uncertainty In A Stressed Out World

How To Live With Uncertainty In A Stressed Out World

Step away from the noise. Follow your own inner directives. Learning to live with uncertainty requires a solid sense of self where you're able to think independently and cope with whatever life delivers. Yet when the world is in a state of flux, it can take a lot of...

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