Are you wanting to step more into your greatness so you can steer your life in the directions that you choose? There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you’re here to be more and do more, but that something’s keeping you stuck and unfulfilled!

Perhaps you’re wanting to discover what your purpose in life is? What you’ve been sent here to do in this lifetime. Or maybe you’re at the point where you’re ready to re-evaluate the pathway that you’re on because every day is becoming like Groundhog Day? That you know deep down that it’s now or never to do something more meaningful that brings you the fulfilment, joy and success that you deserve.

If these are some of the key areas you’re wanting to address, then I can help you make the changes you most need. I can give you the insights, strategies and tools to grow into the person that you want to become.

I believe that success is ultimately an ‘inside job’. That you can have all the right tools and resources available to you, but if your mindset and self-image / identity doesn’t align with your goals, then you’ll hold yourself back from having the fulfilment, joy and success that you deserve.

In a world where anyone can bestow a title upon themselves, I’ve been dubbed the “Success Alchemist” by my clients,  which is based on the results they get because of my clinical expertise and intuitive way I work with them.

I work on every level of your life covering both personal and business issues because they’re always linked. I take a holistic approach to help you become the person you want to be and create a life that you love. It’s an inner approach to outer success.

Having worked in transformational change for over 20 years, my superpower is to quickly see things that you can’t and to provide you with the exact tools you need to get clarity, get momentum and bust through the blocks that have held you back until now.

My Soul Purpose GPS Method gives you a crystal clear map of your purpose, your strengths and your best pathways in life, relationships and professionally. It shows you where you need to focus based on YOUR individual make up and unique soul path. Understanding and acting on this is the foundation to unlock your greatest potential.  

Combining the practical and esoteric, I assist women entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, creatives and seekers to take a quantum leap over everything that’s holding them back to unleash their passion and turn their dreams into reality.

If you would like to arrange an informal chat to see how I can help you achieve your goals contact me here.

Professional Bio

Janelle Legge is a transformational change consultant, executive business coach and qualified psychotherapist. She has extensive experience coaching high-performing business leaders, senior executives and managers in the areas of leadership, positive mindset, driving positive cultural change, people engagement, maximizing performance and talent pool development. She’s seen up close what makes leaders rise to the top and achieve outstanding people and business results and what trips them up and holds them back. 

Janelle has gained a reputation for quickly locating issues directly impacting your current results, together with recommendations and solutions as to what will support your success going forward. In addition to Janelle’s background in business coaching and people development, she has held roles in HR and Estate Management. In her early 20s she established her first company in HR recruitment, prior to pursuing academic interests in the human potential field – a passion that now spans over 25 years.

Having run her own company, Janelle has first-hand experience and understanding of the issues that people in business regularly face. Janelle has coached business leaders and leaders on the rise in a variety of industries, including Westpac Banking Corporation, BT, BankWest, BNP Paribas, NRMA, Suncorp GIO, IAG, Energex, Singtel Optus and the NSW Department of Commerce.

In addition to working in the business sector, Janelle is a qualified psychotherapist which gives her additional and deeper perspectives on certain things. Janelle is able to offer penetrating psychological insights into areas that can impact and improve business results and performance – and your personal and professional growth.


Janelle was a speaker at Human Synergistic’s ‘Wiring for Blue: The Brain Science of Effective Leadership’ Conference in Sydney and Melbourne.


Janelle is the author of numerous articles on self actualization, mindset, success and self development.

Qualifications and Accreditations

Janelle’s qualifications and accreditations include BA (Hons 1) (Syd), Executive Dip Business Coaching, Dip Adult Psychotherapy (ANZAP), Grad Dip (Applied Psychology) and Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.  Janelle is accredited in Human Synergistics’ LSI/GSI, the Myers Briggs Step II Advanced EIR and has completed trainings in Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves with Hal Stone, PhD & Sidra Stone, PhD in California.

Global Village / Community Focus

I believe in giving back and view the world as a global village. I support women in farming and agriculture via Kiva, a global self-help non-profit that helps women establish businesses so that they can support their families, improve the quality of their lives and contribute to their local communities.

“Working with Janelle completely jumpstarted my life and my business back into POWERFUL action by giving me a crystal clear Vision and pathway! I’ve increased my revenues …” [read more]

Aprille Trupiano, International Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, USA

“Janelle helped me to identify practical pathways to positively change key business and personal relationships which has had a wonderful impact in my life. Her combination of directness and insight helped me quickly re-arrange my thinking about the issues we discussed…” [read more] 

Tanya, Business Consultant


“I would recommend Janelle Legge to any smart thinking business person, especially one who wants to bring a mission critical issue into focus. Janelle made a tangible difference to the way I think about myself and the situations I’m in – business-wise, it’s invaluable…My business ‘is me’ so it’s critical I can see the woods for the trees…” [read more]

Paul Alexander, Owner, Creative Outsource



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