Embracing A Positive Success Mindset

Embracing A Positive Success Mindset

Are you refreshed and ready to embrace the New Year with a positive success mindset and the self-belief that whatever it is that you truly want, you’ll be able to make it happen?

January is the perfect month to detox and realign your thinking. Make the decision right now that you will let go of faulty thinking patterns that try and convince you that you can’t get what you want in your life, relationships, career, or business. Send these thoughts packing.

I believe in you and you need to believe in you too! You have all of the resources you need to achieve whatever it is that you want. It’s about adopting and sustaining a positive, optimistic, and proactive mindset to keep you moving towards your goals.


Why It’s Important To Master A Positive Success Mindset


People who make the most money and have the most success in life, have mastered the ability to structure their mind and thinking. They are vigilant about only investing in thoughts that 100% support where they want to go in life, what they want to attract, and what they want to achieve. A structured mind leads to organised, strategic and structured action. So if it’s more love and prosperity you’re wanting, then this needs to be the daily focus of your thinking. Right.

Your mind IS powerful. Whether you like it or not, your mind magnetizes your results. Being constantly mindful of this universal law is a total game changer.


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Why A Success Mindset Really Is The Key To Your Success

Why A Success Mindset Really Is The Key To Your Success

In The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle talks about how greatness is grown. It all starts with a success mindset where you choose greatness (it’s a choice that you make) and commit to repetitive practice to make it happen.

Here’s the brain science reason why.

It’s by increasing the myelin levels and layers in your brain and around your nerve fibres, through what Coyle terms deep practice, that your natural talents and learned skills go from fledgling or average, to uber elite mastership level.

Each time you practice something you’re growing myelin. That’s what brings you the high-level skills set and expertise that leads to success, and personal fulfilment.

So how do you sustain your success mindset and motivation levels to keep going with deep practice in a world of constant flux and distraction, or when you’re just not in the mood?

Knowing your purpose and mission, having a strong core self and positive self image, are your greatest advantages to going the distance.


5 Ways To Alchemize Your Negative Feelings Into Gold

5 Ways To Alchemize Your Negative Feelings Into Gold

Negative or sad feelings are opportunities for your personal growth and transformation, when you give yourself permission to experience them fully.

It’s actually counter-intuitive.

We’re so primed to always be upbeat and positive when part of being human is at times to feel sad, angry, or just plain negative. Especially when things from the past are being triggered and regurgitated. When this is happening it never feels great at the time.

Most people immediately think they shouldn’t be having these feelings and look for instant distractions and magic silver bullets to get rid of the discomfort that comes with sadness, painful memories, or negativity.

If you can relate to this, here is my powerful 5 step approach to transform negative feelings into gold:

1. Give Yourself Permission to Feel

There is pure alchemical gold in just allowing and tuning into your true feelings. So when you’re feeling negative or sad, step 1 is to give yourself permission to feel the way you do. This is different to endless wallowing and staying forever stuck in negative thinking loops. It’s about being mindful of your thoughts, feelings and body so you can tune into the valuable information and insights that will eventually emerge when you’re ready to receive them.

2. Stay Grounded

It’s important to stay grounded and nurture yourself during this time. Yoga, meditation, spending time in nature, swimming, having a massage are excellent ways to support yourself when you’re feeling emotionally out of sorts.

3. Journal

Journal and observe your thoughts and feelings and the insights that start to emerge as you just stay with your Self and your feelings.

4. Stop the Distractions

Don’t look for distractions like other people’s dramas, being constantly on the go and busy, or anesthetizing yourself with alcohol, food and other substances during this phase. It only drowns out your inner voice and intuitive wisdom that will quietly guide you to what’s best for you when you create the space and environment for this to organically occur.

5. Listen to Your Intuitive Guidance

When you really stay with You and your feelings, sadness and negativity become your valuable teachers and feedback mechanisms. Particularly when it comes to re-evaluating your boundaries. Applying these steps teaches you how to accurately decipher what painful or negative feelings are trying to communicate to you. You’ll discover new insights that lead to clarity, renewed focus and certainty around what you need to do next.

Mastering this process will bring you more personal abundance, and freedom from being a prisoner to your emotional world. Because every time you avoid your true feelings, especially the painful ones, they simply go underground only to re-emerge even stronger the next time they get triggered by something or someone.

When you apply these 5 steps you step into the Now where all potential is activated.


Change Your Thinking: Change Your World

Change Your Thinking: Change Your World

When you can’t change a situation your challenge, and opportunity for self empowerment and growth, lies in looking at how you can change your thinking. It’s shifting your focus to what you can influence and releasing what you can’t.

It’s about opening up new possibilities and ways of responding. Replacing limbic brain knee jerk reactions and feelings of disempowerment with better insight, strategy, and awareness.

The key to this is deciding to not waste time and energy on people or situations you cannot directly influence. Choosing instead to focus on the areas where you do have influence. Stephen Covey writes about this in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He calls this focusing on the Circle of Influence. And when you apply this principle your focus becomes clear and proactive. You’re instantly re-empowered.

Success oriented people focus their efforts on what they can influence. They also know it’s what keeps them energized, proactive and optimistic, regardless of what life throws at them.

Start focusing on your circles of influence and watch how it changes your life and results in profound ways.



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