There’s so much hype these days around success and getting it ‘right’ the first time we try something new. Whether that be a new business, a new relationship, stepping into a new career path or anything that’s outside the norm of what you usually do. When you get caught up in all this you end up putting enormous pressure on yourself and your expectations, your desire nature, and what’s really important gets all messed up. And what’s feeding a lot of this is all the gloss and sugar coating out there around success. What it is, who has it, who doesn’t, and how you get it.


All this creates a field day for your inner critic and inner judge. Particularly when you start coming up against inner and outer roadblocks. Wanting to step into the next version of you, a bigger version of you, who you’re meant to become conjures up all sorts of fears and shadow stuff around venturing into the UNKNOWN and going for what you deeply desire.


So let’s put things into a bigger perspective. If you want to try something new and up-level your life, business or career, you’ve got to give it a go and road test it to see whether it’s the path you’re meant to be on, or whether you need to course correct. It’s about getting comfortable with taking action and then staying in the present moment and waiting to see what happens next. Being able to sit in the unknown. Getting more comfortable with uncertainty. Trusting yourself and having faith that when you take consistent action that life and the universe will meet you more than half way. That keeps life way more interesting than having every day like groundhog day as you cling to the outdated version of you.


If you don’t listen to your heart’s desires and inner guidance and just keep dismissing your inner wisdom, you’ll be left wondering for the rest of your life what could have been if… It’s about backing yourself more and creating your own version of success.


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