Companies that Focus on Leadership and Talent Achieve Better Results


Are you wanting to be a better leader? Leadership, Executive and Talent Development Coaching helps you find your leading edge and better inspire, engage and grow the people around you. It also increases your influencing skills, mental agility, emotional intelligence and ability to innovate, think more creatively and outside the square, and continuously grow and adapt. All essential skills for anyone leading in business today.

As an Executive Leadership Coach, qualified Psychotherapist and Transformational Change expert, I bring penetrating psychological insights into areas that can impact and improve business results and performance and organizational change. My coaching and consulting style is practical, relaxed, insightful, educational and transformative and always tailored to best support you in achieving your goals. You’ll benefit from my 18 years of experience coaching, advising and steering a wide variety of clients through substantial growth and change. As a life-long learner and someone who likes to stay at the leading edge of things, my work draws on the latest developments in brain science, mindfulness, success mindset, human consciousness and transformational change.

For medium to large projects I work with highly experienced associates in the leadership and people development space. Helping steer individuals and organizations successfully through meaningful growth and values-based cultural change initiatives.


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