Intuition is one of the most powerful tools to success you have. So why is it that so many women don’t listen to it, or trust it?

If you’re not listening to your intuition, then it’s time to see your intuitive powers in a new light.

Just about every successful person on the planet will tell you that trusting their intuition, or ‘gut instincts’, has been one of the most important keys to their success. They view it as their number one secret weapon. It’s what has enabled them to stand out from the pack in their chosen field and build a personally meaningful and rich life.

What usually gets left out of this ‘secret to success formula’ is that your intuition needs to be cultivated and grown, just like any other skill, in order to be effective. It requires the right kind of environment so it can flourish and thrive.

Below is my Intuition Health Check to help you get your Intuition back on track and into top form:

7 Signs That Your Intuition Is Being Neglected

  1. You’re constantly over-tired and don’t get enough sleep.
  2. Your energy is scattered so you can’t focus for long on anything.
  3. You don’t trust yourself, which manifests as self-doubt.
  4. You don’t believe in yourself or your greater potential.
  5. You listen to everyone else’s opinions instead of your own which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and confused.
  6. You’ve been ignoring your intuition for so long – it’s now giving you the silent treatment.
  7. You don’t meditate or set aside alone time to check in with yourself and your intuitive guidance.

How did you score? If you can identify with any of the above, then your intuition could do with a health boost. Select the areas that you feel most need your attention, and start creating the right conditions for your intuitive guidance to become strong and clear. 

Knowing how to use your intuition wisely is one of the best kept secrets to personal and business success.  It’s your reliable inner guide system to living a confident and meaningful life.



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