Are you wanting to find your own success and have more peace, calm and zen in your life? You know you’ve stagnated and are stuck because you just can’t seem to crack the code for your own success and inner peace. You reach a certain level of change and success and then life seems to throw up obstacles and situations that send you back to your old comfort zone where you’re feeling frustrated, disappointed with yourself and tired of carrying around your unfulfilled potential.

If this is something you’ve been struggling with and you’re wanting to break this pattern and get some insights into why it occurs, then listen to my conversation with Chris Shea, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Counselor and Coach at Lifesjourney Life Coaching in the USA. Chris recently invited me to be a guest on his Podcast “On Finding Peace” to talk about “Success is an Inside Job”, which is core to all of my work and the results and successful outcomes I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve as a Psychotherapist, Business Leadership Coach and Transformational Change Consultant.

This is a thought provoking conversation where Chris and I go deeply into what needs to happen for REAL change to occur, where you’re able to find your own success because you’re no longer being controlled by negative subconscious beliefs and thinking habits – many of which you don’t even know are there. I also uncover why so many people just aren’t getting the results and transformations they’d hoped for from self-study and do-it-yourself style online personal change programs.

In this special Podcast you’ll also find out :

  • Why some people struggle with MINDFULNESS and/or self-reflective style homework [which doesn’t mean that you’re a failure] and what’s needed instead.
  • Why particular kinds of FOCUSED conversations are the most powerful way to rewire your brain, improve your self worth and start thinking in a SUCCESS way.
  • What negative self talk REALLY is (you might be surprised) and why you need to stop listening to it for real change to occur.

And there’s much more where Chris and I share over 20 years experience each of helping our clients find their own success and have more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Listen to the full interview here.

On finding peace podcast Chris Shea with guest Janelle Legge 









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