Mindfulness For Business Leaders and Leaders on the Rise.


The results on becoming more mindful are impressive and have been backed by the latest developments in neuroscience. Focused attention gets better results. That’s why switched-on companies that understand the importance of people development and creative innovation, like Google, are investing in mindfulness programs.

Yet the reality is that a lot of us come unstuck and struggle to use mindfulness when we need it the most, simply because we haven’t fully integrated it. Maybe you’ve experienced this? Meditation alone or a one-off mindfulness training does not naturally lead to becoming more self-aware and being able to use mindfulness when you most need to.

Mindfulness Coaching is done over an agreed series of sessions, over a period of time, so that you can properly integrate mindfulness at your own pace. It’s usually incorporated into 6-12 month Development Plans. You’ll be learning a series of advanced mindfulness self-awareness skills combined with your professional development coaching goals.

Mindfulness when properly integrated improves the quality of every area of your life. From your leadership and people engagement skills through to your most important relationships at home. It dramatically improves your ability to better manage your emotions, stress and the people and situations that tend to trigger you.

Mindfulness skills are becoming increasingly essential in today’s fast changing and uncertain world, particularly in business.

Mindfulness for business leaders enables you to:

  • Cultivate a more motivated and engaged workforce leading to better business results
  • Better meet the needs of your clients
  • In the moment choose how to better respond to and deal with conflict
  • Have more influence
  • Better leverage the different styles on your team
  • Connect with your team, peers and co-workers on a more personal rather than transactional level
  • Identify your emotional triggers and avoid knee jerk reactions
  • Feel more confident, grounded and empowered
  • Better manage stress and uncertainty – your own and other people’s
  • Increase your resilience and mental agility

Mindfulness skills for business leaders is highly recommended if you’re wanting to be a better leader and achieve positive change that lasts.

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