Mindfulness For Success In Business And In Life

For Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Change Agents.


The results on mindfulness based practices are impressive and have been backed by the latest developments in neuroscience. That’s why multi-national companies that understand the correlation between employee engagement, creative innovation and business success are investing in mindfulness based programs.

So we now know that focused attention gets better results. Right? Well, yes and no. It depends. In reality, most people struggle to be able to use mindfulness when they need it the most. It takes time, a specific environment, and lots of practise. I’m able to help you accelerate and properly embed specific mindfulness skills to help you succeed and be more calm, present, resilient, creative and resourceful in your personal life, business and career.

Having coached, guided and mentored a wide range of clients to grow and succeed in their business, their career and personally for over 20 years, I’ve seen up close what works and what doesn’t when it comes to achieving good results in business, leadership and personally. Over this time I’ve distilled what works best and, more importantly, what sets my clients up for sustainable change, increased resilience and mental agility – and on-going success for the rest of their lives. All too often change programs only get partially implemented at best and people quickly revert back to their old comfort zones, entrenched thinking patterns and old behaviours once all the hype and novelty around change wears off. There’s a reason for this.

If you’re wanting to be a better leader, or you’re ready to step into a bigger version of yourself and live a more meaningful life, one-on-one coaching and mentoring with someone who is qualified in and understands brain science, maximizing human potential, what personally motivates you and what holds you back and why, is the fastest way to help you achieve your goals. Because nothing beats the power of receiving a specific type of highly focused one-on-one attention, guidance and insights to make quantum leaps personally and professionally.

I’ve developed a specific mindfulness, self-awareness and self-mastery model which I call Mindfulness for Success which helps you achieve sustainable, tangible results and change in the areas of your life that you’re wanting to grow and improve. Whether that be in your personal life or professionally. Mindfulness for Success is core to all of my coaching and training programs. The skills and insights you acquire from learning specific advanced active Mindfulness skills can be used again and again to up-level and accelerate your business results, your personal results, and your results in the areas of life that matter the most to you. When specific aspects of mindfulness are properly integrated you have them to draw on for the rest of your life.

One of the main reasons I’ve evolved Mindfulness for Success in my coaching programs is because as a psychotherapist, personal transformation consultant and leadership coach, I’ve seen so many people who have undertaken mindfulness training or meditation retreats come unstuck and struggle to use mindfulness when they need it the most. It hasn’t given them the levels of self-awareness they’d hoped for. They also haven’t been able to shift the blocks that have been stopping them from reaching their next level of growth personally and in their business. Often they’re still coming up against the same repetitive patterns at work and in their personal life and relationships. That’s because meditation and mindfulness do NOT naturally lead to becoming more self-aware and being able to step over what’s blocking you. There’s more to it than that.

That’s why I’ve developed Mindfulness for Success Coaching that’s based on advanced mindfulness and proven self-awareness, self-management and self-leadership skills.

Mindfulness based Coaching with me is tailored to your unique needs so that you can properly integrate and action what you’re learning at your own pace. It’s usually incorporated into 6-12 month Development Programs. You’ll be learning a series of advanced mindfulness, mind mastery and self-awareness skills specific to what’s going on for you. Sessions are customised to support the achievement of your professional development, business and personal/life goals.

Mindfulness for Success improves the quality of your results in ALL areas of your life. From your business, leadership, change management and people engagement results, through to improving the quality of your most important relationships at home. It dramatically improves your ability to better manage your emotional triggers and stress and see things from multiple perspectives. It also positively impacts the lives of the people around you. I like to call this the ripple effect.

Properly integrated Mindfulness skills are becoming increasingly essential in today’s fast changing and uncertain world, particularly in business.

If you’re a high achieving business leader, change agent or business owner looking for your next unique edge and are ready to:

  • Cultivate a more motivated and engaged workforce leading to better business results
  • Better meet the needs of your clients
  • In the moment choose how to better respond to and deal with conflict
  • Have more influence and positive impact on those around you
  • Own your value and charge accordingly
  • Release your need for approval and to be liked by everyone
  • Better leverage the different styles on your team
  • Identify your emotional triggers and avoid knee jerk reactions
  • Feel more confident, grounded and empowered
  • Better manage stress and uncertainty – your own and other people’s
  • Increase your resilience, mental agility and creativity
  • Effectively lead others (and yourself) through constant change and uncertainty

Mindfulness for Success coaching will help you achieve your goals.

To find out more about Mindfulness for Success Coaching contact Janelle Legge here.