Mindset Coaching

Unconscious self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotating thinking patterns and habits are the biggest obstacles to productivity, making good decisions, and realizing your fullest potential in life – and in business.

Not knowing what’s keeping you stuck at your current level is one of the biggest time-wasters and mojo killers around, leading to frustration, procrastination and focusing on the wrong things. It’s like owning a Ferrari and not being able to get it past 1st gear because you don’t have the driver’s manual. 

Identifying and shifting the beliefs and thinking patterns that are holding you back is what most talented, smart and ambitious people realize they need to sort out so they can get to their next level of growth and success. Maybe this is where you’re at right now?

During a consult, I’ll rapidly identify and shift what’s blocking you. I have helped a wide variety of clients achieve successful outcomes personally and professionally, ranging from business owners, creatives, business leaders, senior executives, sales managers, health and fitness professionals and more.


I have gained a reputation for quickly locating the problem and providing practical solutions to correct it. Positively changing the way you see yourself and your options. That’s what I’m best known for. 


Working with me, you’ll benefit from my background in executive and leadership coaching and psychotherapy, which gives me additional and deeper perspectives on certain things. I’ll quickly show you what’s in your way and highlight the changes you most need to make.

Consultations are personalised to your unique needs and situation. Nothing annoys me more than ‘cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all’ approaches that fail to address what’s really going on for you. I listen closely to what you’re wanting, where you’re at and then tailor something specific to your individual needs. Sessions go for 1 hour via Skype Voice, or in-person if required.

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 Half-Day Strategy Sessions

If you would like to spend half a day with me, this is a potent way to accelerate your results and growth. We can look at business, people, performance and management issues, strategic thinking, key stakeholder engagement and/or personal issues. You’ll leave this session with new perspectives, practical solutions, and next steps to achieve your goals.

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What My Clients Say

“Janelle is an extremely supportive and proactive person who genuinely wants the best for her clients. Her combination of compassion, directness and insight helped me quickly re-arrange my thinking about the issues we discussed. She has helped me to identify practical pathways to positively change key business and personal relationships which has had a wonderful impact in my life.  Janelle’s depth of experience through her background in psychology and executive coaching, combined with her natural astuteness, make her an excellent thought partner across any business or life matter” [read more] Tanya, Sydney

“I would recommend Janelle Legge to any smart thinking entrepreneur and business person, especially one who wants to bring a mission critical issue into focus. Janelle made a tangible difference to the way I think about myself and the situations I’m in – business-wise, it’s invaluable. She helped me ‘re-wire’ my thinking around a business relationship with a client that was a real stretch for me at the time and led to a great outcome. Janelle’s awareness of the executive mindset through her experience in the corporate sector is what sets her apart – she understands. My business ‘is me’ so it’s critical I can see the woods for the trees” [read more] P Alexander, Sydney

“Working with Janelle completely jumpstarted my life and my business back into POWERFUL action by giving me a crystal clear Vision and pathway! I’ve increased my revenues, gotten the most yummy new clients, nearly finished writing one of my books” [read more] Aprille Trupiano, International Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, USA

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Image by Ales Krivec