“Within the wild psyche are a woman’s fiercest instincts of survival. But, unless she practices her inner and outer freedoms regularly, submission, passivity, and time spent in captivity dull her innate gifts of vision, perception, confidence … the ones she needs for standing on her own.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Having to sneak off to pursue your passions, or hide and suppress your feelings, opinions, and personal truth are all red flags. They come at a cost. Ongoing suppression of your real self shuts down your vitality, and your ability to see things for how they really are.

Perceptive discernment comes from real life experiences, reality-testing and learning from mistakes so that instinct-numbing patterns don’t get hard-wired into your brain and nervous system.

When you catch yourself hiding essential parts of your being, or denying your gut-feel and inner knowing, read this as a red light signal to step back and review what’s really going on.


Image by Jessica Polar



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