Online Therapy

Online zoom sessions give you easy and fast access to psychotherapy and personal coaching when you need it most. Sessions provide emotional relief, mental clarity and valuable insights into what’s really going on (which can be different to what  you think). Importantly, you’ll leave each session with practical tools and guidance to help you shift behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you. You’ll also get clarity around the pathway you’re meant to be on.

In a typical session, my clients seek input and guidance on a diverse range of personal, emotional, relationship, family and work issues. This is your space to talk about whatever’s on your mind and most important to you.

Each session you’ll benefit from my background and experience in psychodynamic psychotherapy, self-actualization coaching and energetic frequency re-alignment. Being highly intuitive, you’ll also receive my intutitive downloads which add another layer to the type of information and guidance that you’ll recieve. The combination of my intuitive lens and professional expertise enables me to quickly identify the issues and energetic patterns that need to be shifted and adjusted so that you can align with your authentic essence, feel better about yourself and live your best life.