Here’s What Janelle’s Clients Have To Say:


“Working with Janelle completely jumpstarted my life and my business back into POWERFUL action by giving me a crystal clear Vision and pathway! I’ve increased my revenues, gotten the best new clients, nearly finished writing one of my books, finally developed a new coaching program that’s been on my heart for over two years, released the stress and worry over some of the big moves I knew I needed to make in my personal life but was resisting, got relentless about finding a doctor to help with the health issues I’ve been challenged with for the past 6 years – and as a bonus, I’ve dropped 14 pounds! Whew…I never expected all that – and it’s still unfolding!!”

Aprille Trupiano, International Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, USA

“Janelle does something quite magical: once you get to a position of indelible trust (and you do) you can achieve amazing changes. I would recommend Janelle Legge to any smart thinking business person, especially one who wants to bring a mission critical issue into focus. Janelle made a tangible difference to the way I think about myself and the situations I’m in. Business-wise, it’s invaluable. She helped me ‘re-wire’ my thinking around a business relationship with a client that was a real stretch for me at the time and led to a great outcome. Janelle’s awareness of the executive mindset through her experience in the corporate sector is what sets her apart – she understands, and her psychotherapy skills are an added bonus. My business ‘is me’ so it’s critical I can see the wood for the trees. If it’s your personal brand that needs attention there is no better way to get real results. I get incredible clarity from the sessions. The benefits are long lasting and brilliant. I put my money where my mouth was and invested in personal business coaching with Janelle, or more correctly, I invested in myself – and my future business direction. It’s a business decision for me.”

P Alexander, Creative Outsource

“Janelle has helped me to identify practical pathways to positively change key business and personal relationships which has had a wonderful impact in my life. Janelle’s combination of directness and practical insight helped me quickly re-arrange my thinking about the issues we discussed. Her depth of experience as a psychotherapist and executive coach, combined with her natural astuteness, make Janelle an excellent thought-partner across any business or life matter.” 

Tanya, Business Consultant, Sydney

“I am pleased to give my highest level of recommendation for Janelle Legge’s coaching services. Janelle provides me with practical advice and coaching that improves my day to day performance while confidently guiding my longer term leadership development. A terrific combination of immediate impact and longer term rewards.”

E Fischer, Senior Manager, Structured & Property Finance 

“Since engaging Janelle as my coach, I have become a far more focused and effective leader. Janelle has that “knack” which enables her to immediately pick up on even the smallest “chink in the armour” and turn that into a development opportunity, combining theory, discipline and practicality to ensure a positive learning experience as the end goal. I would recommend Janelle to anyone looking to improve not only business and leadership performance, but also themselves personally”.

 P Steele, Senior Manager, Corporate & Commercial Banking

“Janelle helped me get clear on what I really wanted and why in my personal life and in my career. At work I was needing to deal with some under performers on my team and issues with my manager that I’d been avoiding. The impacts of the sessions with Janelle have been so positive and life-changing. Janelle helped me step up more in my role as a business leader and finally tackle the issues I’d been avoiding in a more constructive and proactive way. She also helped me better manage other key stakeholder business relationships. Whilst seeing Janelle I finally met my partner in life and we have just set a date for our wedding. I’ve now got a much better balance happening where I’m no longer putting the demands of my job and everyone else first all the time. Working with Janelle has totally turned things around.” 

M, Sydney 

“The tools Janelle uses are useful in enhancing self-awareness. Plus, Janelle shared insight to help me understand and remove past patterning around personal power and relationships. She helped me connect even more deeply with my intuition. Better yet, she offered deep insight into very specific areas of my life. This information is invaluable and has helped me avoid repeating mistakes and patterns. When you are feeling stuck, I recommend working with Janelle to gain new insight and perspective to move forward.”

Lisa Manyon, The Business Marketing Architect, USA

“Janelle put together my Life Purpose Blueprint and all I can say is WOW! Janelle was on the money. She truly knows her stuff. It was it was amazing how accurate she was with the things that are going on in my life and career. The information she provided to me was invaluable. I strongly recommend Janelle to anyone in business!”

Annette Naif, Owner New York City Office, Forté Events, New York

“Wow – what an experience! My time with Janelle was incredible. In reviewing my Life Purpose Blueprint it confirmed many directions I was headed but also gave me additional self-confidence in things I wasn’t sure about. It opened my eyes to consider new things in a way that felt right with the Universe.”

Cathy Alessandra, Publisher, Alessandra Media Group, LLC, Los Angeles

“My experience with Janelle and the work she performs was exceptional. Not only were the results of my Life Purpose Blueprint right on, but the session with Janelle delved deeper into what it all meant. It was definitely an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me. Janelle is very passionate in what she does and sees the light for you even when you don’t! I would highly recommend Janelle and her work to anyone!”

Bernice Boyden, The Boyden Group, USA 

“I was really both inspired and fascinated when reading my Life Purpose Blueprint! It was very accurate, insightful and detailed. The report inspired me to see and use even more of my potential, and made me more conscious on what I need to do, that will help me on my way to success. It gave me new inspiration and clarity around my life purpose.  This will help me better understand the gifts and core competencies I have.

Working with Janelle, and getting her feedback helped me gain more clarity on where to place my focus, and put into words why I act the way I do. It reminded me of my strengths and ways to deal with my challenges and what I need to guard against doing.

I believe this can also be helpful in the way we market ourselves and our personal branding. I highly recommend Janelle.”

Anne Berit Olsvik, Personal Branding Consultant & Image Stylist, Norway

“Janelle gives me space to find my own voice. She has helped me identify what my triggers are and then the strategies to deal with these. Janelle does all of this in a non-judgmental and very interactive way. Janelle doesn’t talk in jargon, she makes the complex simple by engaging and situating things within my reality, where I’m coming from and what I’m dealing with. Janelle’s work is dynamic and contemporary. She is a good listener and problem-solver and very focused and perceptive. Janelle has sound instincts and judgment that can only come through experience. You can’t just learn this stuff.”

J, Sydney

“What I most appreciate about Janelle’s approach is that it is very holistic. Janelle has given me invaluable perspective, I come away from my sessions thinking about what she’s said and so often something she says just clicks! Janelle is easy to talk to and she also has a good sense of humour, which I really appreciate a lot. I was beating myself up about a lot of things, Janelle has helped me not to be so hard on myself and that has created a huge shift in my outlook.”