Why A Success Mindset Really Is The Key To Your Success

Why A Success Mindset Really Is The Key To Your Success

In The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle talks about how greatness is grown. It all starts with a success mindset where you choose greatness (it’s a choice that you make) and commit to repetitive practice to make it happen.

Here’s the brain science reason why.

It’s by increasing the myelin levels and layers in your brain and around your nerve fibres, through what Coyle terms deep practice, that your natural talents and learned skills go from fledgling or average, to uber elite mastership level.

Each time you practice something you’re growing myelin. That’s what brings you the high-level skills set and expertise that leads to success, and personal fulfilment.

So how do you sustain your success mindset and motivation levels to keep going with deep practice in a world of constant flux and distraction, or when you’re just not in the mood?

Knowing your purpose and mission, having a strong core self and positive self image, are your greatest advantages to going the distance.



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