Success Is An Inside Job. Guest Podcast Interview.

Success Is An Inside Job. Guest Podcast Interview.


Are you wanting to find your own success and have more wellbeing, calm and zen in your life? Maybe you’re feeling that you’ve stagnated and are stuck because you just can’t seem to crack the code for your own success and inner peace? Or you find that each time you reach a certain level of change and success that life seems to throw up obstacles and situations that send you back to your old comfort zone where you’re soon feeling frustrated and disappointed with yourself because you know you’ve slipped back into old habits and negative thought patterns?

If this is something you’ve been struggling with and you’re wanting to break this repetitive cycle and get some insights into why it occurs, then listen to my conversation with Chris Shea at Lifesjourney Life Coaching in the USA. Chris recently invited me to be a guest on his Podcast “On Finding Peace” to talk about “Success is an Inside Job”, which is central to how I’ve helped my clients achieve consistent, lasting positive results and life-changing outcomes as a Psychotherapist, Business Leadership Coach and Transformational Change Consultant for the last 20 years.

Chris and I go deeply into what needs to happen for REAL change to occur, where you’re able to find your own, more satisfying version of success because you’re no longer being controlled by negative subconscious beliefs and thinking habits – many of which you don’t even know are there.

I also uncover why so many people just aren’t getting the results and transformations they’d hoped for from self-study and do-it-yourself style online personal change programs.

In this special Podcast you’ll also find out :

  • Why some people struggle with MINDFULNESS and/or self-reflective style homework [which doesn’t mean that you’re a failure] and what’s needed instead.
  • Why particular kinds of FOCUSED conversations are the most powerful way to rewire your brain, improve your self worth and start thinking in a SUCCESS way.
  • What negative self talk REALLY is (you might be surprised) and why you need to stop listening to it for real change to occur.

And there’s much more where Chris and I share over 20 years experience of helping our clients find their own version of success and have more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Listen to the full interview here.


Does Your Self Image Reflect Who You Want To Become?

Does Your Self Image Reflect Who You Want To Become?

Ready to raise your self confidence and self image so that you can get better results and be the best version of yourself? If you’re feeling stuck and scattered, guessing at what you should try next and working way too hard for uninspiring rewards, it’s time to do some game-changing moves.

Because most likely there’s a major disconnect going on between your current self image and who you’re aspiring to be. And anyone who’s ever dared to dream big and aim for more than what they’ve got has experienced at some stage the frustration of knowing you’re destined for bigger things, but not having the right map and guidance to help you evolve into the best version of yourself.

To shift this, because you do deserve better, add these 3 key foundational skills to your daily regime and then watch things start to transform in tangible ways:


3 Steps To A Positive Self Image


3 steps to a positive self image

Image by Eli De Faria

1. Give yourself diverse and positive experiences regularly

It’s the quality of your environment, thinking, and experiences that powerfully influences and shapes your self image – and how your brain gets wired every single day.

Why? Because your brain is an organ of adaptation that’s built by experience – with 70% of it’s structure being added after birth. This highlights the importance of being in nurturing, validating, and experience-rich environments from the moment we’re born and throughout our entire life. That’s if you want to have healthy self-esteem, reach your highest potential, and live a meaningful, rich, and rewarding life.

So always be open to new experiences and do what inspires you. Your brain, your self image, and your self confidence will thrive.

2.  Cultivate quality relationships

Neurons and humans are social entities. This means your brain is continuously being influenced and wired by who you spend the most time with. And it thrives on meaningful social interactions. So be selective. Surround yourself with optimistic, self-aware, interesting people. Limit your exposure to toxic people that drain your energy – the ones who trigger you into self-doubt, feeling bad about yourself, or less-than. Cut them loose.

Avoid discussing your life/career/biz aspirations with anyone who doesn’t support or ‘get’ you, or your goals. Their negativity, envy, doubt, or unresolved issues around not having pursued their own goals will impact you on subtle, or not so subtle levels. All of a sudden you’ll find yourself second-guessing your dreams and goals.

3.  Seek out mentors

Nothing will accelerate you taking quantum leaps in any area of your life faster than hanging out with people who are already where you want to be. It will powerfully shift how you’re seeing yourself, your life and what’s possible. That’s because of the power of mirror neurons in your brain that bridge your sensory, motor and emotional circuitry.

When you spend time with successful people that you admire, your mirror neurons get powerfully activated. Everything that you’re taking in when you hang out with them – from their mindset and behaviours to their more subconscious attitudes and beliefs around things like wealth, abundance and how to go about achieving success – is triggering corresponding motor and emotional activations in your brain and body via your mirror neurons. How cool is that. It’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to an instant download for how to become the person you want to be. The best version of yourself.

© 2015 Janelle Legge

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Why A Success Mindset Really Is The Key To Your Success

Why A Success Mindset Really Is The Key To Your Success

In The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle talks about how greatness is grown. It all starts with a success mindset where you choose greatness (it’s a choice that you make) and commit to repetitive practice to make it happen.

Here’s the brain science reason why.

It’s by increasing the myelin levels and layers in your brain and around your nerve fibres, through what Coyle terms deep practice, that your natural talents and learned skills go from fledgling or average, to uber elite mastership level.

Each time you practice something you’re growing myelin. That’s what brings you the high-level skills set and expertise that leads to success, and personal fulfilment.

So how do you sustain your success mindset and motivation levels to keep going with deep practice in a world of constant flux and distraction, or when you’re just not in the mood?

Knowing your purpose and mission, having a strong core self and positive self image, are your greatest advantages to going the distance.


Change Your Thinking: Change Your World

Change Your Thinking: Change Your World

When you can’t change a situation your challenge, and opportunity for self empowerment and growth, lies in looking at how you can change your thinking. It’s shifting your focus to what you can influence and releasing what you can’t.

It’s about opening up new possibilities and ways of responding. Replacing limbic brain knee jerk reactions and feelings of disempowerment with better insight, strategy, and awareness.

The key to this is deciding to not waste time and energy on people or situations you cannot directly influence. Choosing instead to focus on the areas where you do have influence. Stephen Covey writes about this in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He calls this focusing on the Circle of Influence. And when you apply this principle your focus becomes clear and proactive. You’re instantly re-empowered.

Success oriented people focus their efforts on what they can influence. They also know it’s what keeps them energized, proactive and optimistic, regardless of what life throws at them.

Start focusing on your circles of influence and watch how it changes your life and results in profound ways.



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