Nourishing The Wild Woman Archetype: The Power of Intuition

Nourishing The Wild Woman Archetype: The Power of Intuition

“There is no greater blessing a mother can give her daughter than a reliable sense of the veracity of her own intuition. Intuition is handed from parent to child in the simplest ways: “You have good judgment. What do you think lies hidden behind all this?” Rather than defining intuition as some unreasoned faulty quirk, it is defined as truly the soul-voice speaking.
Intuition senses the directions to go in for most benefit, it is self-preserving, has a grasp of underlying motive and intention, it chooses what will cause the least amount of fragmentation in the psyche.” 

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The Power of Intuition


It’s easy to get tripped up and ignore the power of intuition when someone who you think knows more than you suggests something that just doesn’t feel right. For whatever reason. When this occurs press PAUSE and give yourself some time to make a decision that feels in total alignment with you.

Don’t just override that little voice inside that instantly responded “No, I’m not too sure about this” and let someone else make a decision that impacts you. Ask yourself “Are they in autopilot and not taking all of me into view? Is this more for their benefit or convenience than what’s best for me?”

Always pay attention to that powerful little voice and check in with yourself first. Then ask more questions until you’re satisfied you’re heading in the right direction.

Intuition is powerful. It’s often underestimated. Yet that powerful, quiet little voice inside that is so easy to ignore or override is 9 times out of 10 ALWAYS right. The more you pay attention to it the stronger it gets. Understanding the power of your intuitive guidance keeps you in the correct flow of decision making for you and your life.


Janelle Legge is a Psychotherapist, Leadership, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Consultant and Coach who specialises in Relationships, Career Success, Work-Life Integration and Wellbeing. Janelle sees clients in person in Sydney and works with clients around the world  via  Skype. To book a skype session with Janelle click here.



Nourishing The Wild Woman Archetype: Exile Of The Ugly Duckling

Nourishing The Wild Woman Archetype: Exile Of The Ugly Duckling

“In the parents’ fantasy whatever child they have will be perfect,
and will reflect only the parents’ ways and means. If the child
is wildish, she may, unfortunately, be subjected to her parents’
attempts at psychic surgery over and over again, for they are
trying to re-make the child, and more so trying to change what
her soul requires of her.
Though her soul requires seeing,
the culture around her requires sightlessness.
Though her soul wishes to speak its truth,
she is pressured to be silent.
…When this happens, a girl begins to believe that the
negative images her family and culture reflect back to her
about herself are not only totally true but also totally free of bias,
opinion, and personal preference. The girl begins to believe
that she is weak, ugly, unacceptable, and that this will
continue to be true
no matter how hard she tries to reverse it
Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Were your ideas and ways of expressing yourself and responding to things totally different to your family and tribe growing up?

The journey of self-actualization in adulthood helps repair and positively reset the impacts of not feeling heard, seen, or understood as a child. Of being a red ant in a black anthill growing up.

It’s about learning to take your feelings, sensory impressions, and intuitions seriously. Having a voice. Unconditionally loving and accepting yourself – the REAL and natural version of you with your shoes off, relaxed, at home when no one else is around. And finding kindred spirits that ‘get’ you and value your ideas and presence.

Nourishing the wild woman archetype is about you showing up for YOU. Loving yourself. Embracing and honouring how you look, how you think, and taking your passions and creative ideas seriously. It’s about going for what you really want, regardless of what other people may think.

Image by Romain Briaux

Nourishing The Wild Woman Archetype: Releasing Instinct Numbing Patterns

Nourishing The Wild Woman Archetype: Releasing Instinct Numbing Patterns

“Within the wild psyche are a woman’s fiercest instincts of survival. But, unless she practices her inner and outer freedoms regularly, submission, passivity, and time spent in captivity dull her innate gifts of vision, perception, confidence … the ones she needs for standing on her own.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Having to sneak off to pursue your passions, or hide and suppress your feelings, opinions, and personal truth are all red flags. They come at a cost. Ongoing suppression of your real self shuts down your vitality, and your ability to see things for how they really are.

Perceptive discernment comes from real life experiences, reality-testing and learning from mistakes so that instinct-numbing patterns don’t get hard-wired into your brain and nervous system.

When you catch yourself hiding essential parts of your being, or denying your gut-feel and inner knowing, read this as a red light signal to step back and review what’s really going on.


Image by Jessica Polar


Nourishing The Wild Woman Archetype

Nourishing The Wild Woman Archetype

“I believe that all women and men are born gifted. However, and truly, there has been little to describe the psychological lives and ways of gifted women, talented women, creative women. There is, on the other hand, much writ about the weakness and foibles of humans in general and women in particular. But in the case of the Wild Woman archetype, we must be more interested in the thoughts, feelings, and endeavours which strengthen women…”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves


Image by Josh Felise


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