3 Ways To Invest in Your Wellbeing And Stay Motivated

3 Ways To Invest in Your Wellbeing And Stay Motivated

It’s hard to stay motivated when you haven’t been investing in your wellbeing. Maybe you’ve experienced the inertia and lack-lustre approach to life that comes from neglecting your wellbeing? Just getting caught up in everyday life?

Your sense of self is shaped by your body and your most important relationships and experiences. It’s not just about your brain and changing your thinking.

Exercise / physical activity is a must-do to stay motivated, optimistic and focused on your goals.

Because when you stop investing in your own wellbeing, you often end up hitting invisible barriers and getting stuck. That’s when your fear of failure starts to set in. There’s a direct relationship between staying motivated and succeeding in life and the quality of your daily habits, your thinking, and your social environment.

Focusing on your wellbeing is a mindset and lifestyle choice. It’s about choosing to look after yourself in a more conscious and mindful way.

The good news is you can fix this easily.


3 Ways To Invest In Your Wellbeing And Stay Motivated


#1  Don’t Isolate Yourself

One of the quickest ways to step over your own thinking habits and stay motivated is to connect with creative, motivated people. They see things from multiple perspectives. They are people who are able to hold space for you, help you clarify your own thinking, and open up a whole new world of fresh, creative solutions and ideas. It is these conversations that have you walking away with a brand new take on things, feeling energized and optimistic about what’s possible for you. Investing in good quality relationships with people who want you to succeed is a sure-fire way to avoid self-limiting thinking or beliefs. It gets you thinking more creatively, outside the box. When you try and solve a problem in isolation from your fixed level of awareness, you usually find that six months later you’re still in the same spot, feeling even more frustrated and demotivated. In some cases this is dangerous.


#2 Get Healthy and Fit

Physical fitness has a direct impact, not only on your health, but also on the strength and flexibility of your mind and wellbeing. It improves your levels of self-mastery. Exercise gets those valuable endorphins kicking in, lifting your mood and in turn making you feel more positive and self-confident. Going to the gym, exercising outdoors, swimming and other types of physical activities are all great ways to get you out of negative, self-limiting thinking habits. Similarly, yoga, qigong and tai chi that cultivate meditation and mindfulness are also beneficial. Any type of physical activity where you have to focus on your body and your breath and be more mindful is ideal. It gets you into the present moment, clears your mind, and helps you see things differently. It’s about finding things that you genuinely enjoy so that you’ll commit to doing them regularly. Daily rhythms are becoming increasingly important in a complex and constantly changing world. Regular routines make you feel more grounded and focused, regardless of what’s going on around you.


#3 Have A Purpose

You achieve your best by being really clear on why you’re doing what you do every day. Having a clear purpose in life is what keeps you motivated and optimistic, even when things aren’t going exactly as you want them to. It’s about having a purpose and mission in life. Whether that’s being a great parent to your kids, being your best self to the people you care about most, or wanting to positively impact the world via your career and business. Having a purpose is what gives your life direction and meaning. This is because you know what really matters the most to you and why. It’s when you’re feeling motivated, useful and purposeful that you’re able to thrive and be your best.


A version of this article was featured in the December 2016 issue of The Sydney Standard.




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