Stop Suppressing And Start Expressing Your True Self

Stop Suppressing And Start Expressing Your True Self

Happy New Moon in Aquarius! This morning I read an article on hiding, something most of us have done at some stage in our lives. Usually because of negative experiences we’ve had in childhood around being criticised or maybe even ostracised or persecuted for exuberantly and innocently expressing our true self. Maybe you can relate?

You could say hiding is pretty much part of the human condition. But by a certain age and stage in our lives we need to send this avoidant style of being-in-the world packing. Because ultimately we’re embracing faulty thinking habits to avoid change or potential criticism and failure. So we hold back from revealing and expressing more of our true self.

Sometimes hiding’s also about avoiding taking responsibility for a particular area of your life.

Hiding and fear does weird things to your mind.

Each time we seduce ourselves into hiding, we lose out on the immense value we can get from stretching and growing by expressing our true self.

3 Self-Discovery Questions To Unlock Your True Self

1.  What areas of your life have you been hiding, or avoiding taking decisive action or responsibility?
2.  How has this been serving you?
3.  What’s the long-term cost to you?

Remember, structured clear thinking leads to structured, tangible results. Change is not always exciting, magical, or amazing. It can be about just knuckling down and taking care of the mundane necessities of ordinary everyday living. Yet when we commit to this, we actually buy ourselves more freedom and options further down the track.

It’s about embracing at specific times in our lives good old discipline. If your preference and strengths are around generating ideas and big picture thinking, you need to also be able to ground your ideas via clear structures, discipline and getting down to the nitty gritty day to day details.

Some of us literally run at the mere mention of setting limits and embracing boring structures and daily disciplines. We misinterpret it as having to be, dare I say it, ordinary. Yet thousands of hours of daily practice and having good structures in place in reality is what’s required to master anything worthwhile. To become extra-ordinary. So if this ‘anti-structure’ part speaks to you, now is the time to fall in love with your nemeses – structure, discipline and commitment – so that you can come out of hiding and make your true self more visible to the world.

Now is the time to take control of the quality of your thinking, stop buying into out-dated fears that no longer apply and adhere to structure. Do this and your results will grow and your true self will thank you.

Always DO YOU.



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