You’re spiritually aware and know you’re destined for bigger things, but you often feel like you’re battling against the natural flow of the Universe and you’re left wondering if there’s a better way.


There are four main things that are holding you back from stepping into your divine birthright zone of genius. Let’s explore what they are so you can take the first steps TODAY to overcome them. Because there’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you’re destined for bigger things and not having the tools and strategies to get you to where you need to go.

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So now let’s get onto the top 4 reasons you’re not stepping into your zone of genius so that you can see more clearly what’s holding you back:

The 4 Top Reasons For Not Stepping Into Your Zone of Genius


Stepping into your Zone of genius by Janelle Legge




You’re making good money but you know that you’re not making the money you deserve. Because deep down your self worth is wounded so you work way too hard to prove your worth. Without even realizing it, you’ve set an invisible ceiling on how much money you can make.


You often find yourself undercharging, only to discover that other people who are offering far less than you are being paid way more than you are. That’s usually because they know how to ask for what they want AND to get it.


Your self worth is getting in the way of your net worth.




You know that you’re capable of so much more. But because you don’t have a clear roadmap for your life you don’t really know where you want to end up – but you’re annoyed that you’re not getting there.


Success isn’t a straight road but you can’t even find the road! Because you don’t want to be tied into one thing you waste precious energy second guessing yourself and whether you’re on the right path. You keep changing your mind and you end up back tracking and going sideways instead of moving forward.


Maybe you’re just holding the wrong map? You’re working from an outdated map that has the wrong street signs and the outdated version of WHO you really are and WHERE you really want to go.


Thinking about it on the level of logic and reason isn’t getting you the answers you want, so how about leaning into how you feel and what you want.




You know that voice that pipes up as the ‘voice of reason’ but really it’s just criticising every single thing you do that’s taking you out of the small comfort of your safety zone? That’s your inner critic in action.


It’s your inner critic hitting its stride when it reminds you that everyone is going to find out that you don’t know enough, you don’t look good enough, and that you’re never quite ready to claim the success and financial rewards that you deserve. In your inner critic’s mind, you need to have everything perfect. You need to know everything there is to know. And you’re never allowed to make a mistake.


It doesn’t matter how many accolades or achievements you have under your belt, this little minx is always at the ready to step in with its relentless critical commentary on what you didn’t do, or on what wasn’t 100% perfection. Keeping you stuck in self-doubt, unrealistic perfectionism and not owning your true value and worth. 


It’s the inner critic that makes highly successful and talented women still feel like imposters deep down inside, regardless of how good their results are.




You know the saying, wherever you go there you are? Well that’s never more true than in the stories and patterns that repeat themselves throughout all of your relationships – your personal relationships with friends, partners, family, and your business relationships.


There’s nothing more distracting and draining than continuously coming up against relationship issues. It drains your energy, frazzles your nervous system and negatively impacts the quality of your attention and focus. It’s hard to stay fully present and engaged in what you’re needing to do when you’ve got the latest run-in with your partner/boss/colleague/toxic friend still scripting repetitively through your head.


The thing is that if we don’t GET the lessons, then the Universe sends us bigger and bigger lessons until we do get it. The same old dynamics keep popping up. It’s just that the emperor has a new set of clothes each time.


The lessons get more and more painful and annoying to get our attention until we commit to changing ourselves on the inside. Then our whole outer world starts to change accordingly.


It’s amazing how often people seem to forget that there’s a direct correlation between business success and the quality of your business and professional relationships.


Now that we’ve outlined some of the things that are keeping you from stepping into your zone of genius and the bigger things you know you’re destined for, let’s focus on how you can turn this around.

Shifting Your Perspective: Changing Your Results


Positive change starts to happen the minute you decide to change the stories that you’ve been telling yourself. It’s committing to breaking the repetitive cycle of demanding, obstructive or toxic relationships that seem to keep turning up in your life. It all starts with you. What you’re willing to tolerate and how you can change to attract the external circumstances that are more in sync with who you are now, and the life you’re wanting to create.


Instead of going through life on autopilot and just accepting things how they are because that’s how they’ve always been, change requires shifting your perspectives and what you’re telling yourself every minute of every day.


It’s about knowing where you’re wanting to go and having the faith and self-belief that you’ll get there. Holding in your mind’s eye the potential of what you’re moving towards instead of only being able to see a gaping chasm between what you’ve got now and what you want.


The secret key to turning your life around so that you’re living from your soul purpose and zone of genius each and every day is to start small by integrating a mindfulness practice into your day.


Below are 5 powerful mindfulness practices to get you started and they are going to change your life:


5 Mindfulness Practices That Will Change Your Life


5 Mindfulness Practices That Will Change Your Life by Janelle Legge


Let’s go through each one so that you can start incorporating them on a daily basis.


Commit to being more fully in the now each day. A great way to start is to get out of the office and away from your computer and go sit on a park bench in your lunch break and let go of the stories from the past and the worry about the future. Just sit and feel the sunshine on your face and the earth under your feet. Each time you catch yourself going back to the past or feeling anxious about the future, draw your attention back to what’s going on in the present moment.



Embrace gratitude as a new daily practice. Spend a few minutes consistently each day finding things to be grateful for. It could be a hot shower, a fabulous coffee from your favourite cafe or a heart warming catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages. Start by finding 3 things each day that you’re grateful for. Then build up to 5, 10 and so on. The more you practice gratitude, the more your gratitude consciousness grows.



Watch the movie of your thoughts as you become an observer instead of in constant reactor mode. As thoughts rise just observe them and then let the thought go easily and without judgement. Yes, even the thoughts that your inner critic demands that you judge.



RAISE YOUR BLISS TOLERANCE and enjoy being happy. Because sometimes you find yourself so happy that your mind gets uncomfortable and starts actively looking for things to be unhappy about. We’re wired to look for adversity and negativity. But we’re not living in caves at risk of being eaten by a Mammoth. Our brain just hasn’t caught up with this fact. It’s knowing that our brain is smart and it’s like a muscle we can train. So the longer you sit with your well deserved happiness, the more your brain will let those thoughts of human eating mammoths go.



Look for the signs that you’re on the right track. And that includes the challenges that the Universe throws at you to test to see how much you really want it. Sometimes when we want change the most, we seem to encounter all sorts of obstacles to test our mettle, to see whether we have the courage to follow our heart and just keep going. Look at these up-level experiences and see them for the gift they are because they mean you’re on the right track as you step outside your comfort zone. It’s about looking after yourself and getting the support you need to keep going when setbacks occur, being mindfully aware that this is part of the change terrain.


Stepping into your greatness by Janelle Legge


Being more self-aware and mindful are the first essential steps to supercharge your energetic alignment with your Soul Purpose and zone of genius. When you commit to this and take action, the Universe always meets you more than half way and supports your greater good.

This is where you meet the right people, opportunities present themselves like magic and synchronicity is your new normal. You’re in flow, fully present in your life and with a deep, comforting knowing that you’re being supported by the Universe to magnetize your Soul’s desires.


Janelle Legge is a transformational change consultant, executive business coach and qualified psychotherapist. Combining the practical and esoteric, Janelle assists women entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, creatives and high-achieving seekers to take a quantum leap over everything that’s holding them back to unleash their passion and turn their dreams into reality.






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