“In the parents’ fantasy whatever child they have will be perfect,
and will reflect only the parents’ ways and means. If the child
is wildish, she may, unfortunately, be subjected to her parents’
attempts at psychic surgery over and over again, for they are
trying to re-make the child, and more so trying to change what
her soul requires of her.
Though her soul requires seeing,
the culture around her requires sightlessness.
Though her soul wishes to speak its truth,
she is pressured to be silent.
…When this happens, a girl begins to believe that the
negative images her family and culture reflect back to her
about herself are not only totally true but also totally free of bias,
opinion, and personal preference. The girl begins to believe
that she is weak, ugly, unacceptable, and that this will
continue to be true
no matter how hard she tries to reverse it
Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Were your ideas and ways of expressing yourself and responding to things totally different to your family and tribe growing up?

The journey of self-actualization in adulthood helps repair and positively reset the impacts of not feeling heard, seen, or understood as a child. Of being a red ant in a black anthill growing up.

It’s about learning to take your feelings, sensory impressions, and intuitions seriously. Having a voice. Unconditionally loving and accepting yourself – the REAL and natural version of you with your shoes off, relaxed, at home when no one else is around. And finding kindred spirits that ‘get’ you and value your ideas and presence.

Nourishing the wild woman archetype is about you showing up for YOU. Loving yourself. Embracing and honouring how you look, how you think, and taking your passions and creative ideas seriously. It’s about going for what you really want, regardless of what other people may think.

Image by Romain Briaux


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